Coordinating PPC Targeting With USPS Every Door Direct Mail

Using PPC and Direct Mail together can help with branding and promotions.

Combining traditional and digital marketing tactics is a very smart strategy for local small business owners.  Using pay-per-click  (PPC) Google or Bing campaigns in conjunction with an Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) campaign provides an impact on your target audience that reinforces your brand, or serves to remind customers of your specials or limited-time offers.

Let’s say, for example, you’re a local yoga studio and you want to publicize a new offering of classes for seniors two mornings a week.  Coordinating an awareness PPC and retargeting campaign with a USPS EDDM campaign can get the attention of potential new customers who are geographically close.

Using this scenario, one could create a PPC campaign that would very specifically target “Senior Yoga” using Keyword insertion {Yoga for Seniors} (or something similar) in the headline. It would also be smart to set “exact match” on terms like “senior yoga” and “senior fitness” so that your ads are only showing for that exact type of search.

But in addition to making sure your ads only show for the right search query, you can set your ads to only show in specific zip codes where mostly seniors live. How do you know what those zip codes are?  That’s where USPS Every Door Direct Mail can help.

When you go to the EDDM website, you can begin to do a little research on exactly where (down to the delivery route) your potential customers are.  You can see average income, number of single-dwelling homes, number of apartments, and average age range as you hover over the map of a zip code you’ve selected.  If your target audience for your Senior Yoga classes is people between the ages of 50 and 85 with an average income of $50,000 and up, you can find which zip codes most closely fit that demographic, and set your ad campaign to show exclusively in those zip codes.

Simultaneously, you can launch a EDDM postcard mailing campaign for those same zip codes, setting the start and end dates of your PPC campaign to wrap around the date of the direct mail campaign.

Detailed? Absolutely, but this kind of thing is right up our alley!  The geeks at Savvy Sister Marketing are committed to providing our clients tailored, strategic marketing ideas that will provide the best ROI with as little waste as possible.  If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, that’s great… enjoy!  If this all seems like Greek, go ahead and contact us today, and WE WILL HELP YOU!  Marketing doesn’t have to be guesswork… strategic, targeted marketing CAN bring results.


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